What is The Final Word?


TFW began in July 2017 as a monthly e-newsletter which was sent out to clientele, colleagues and partner agencies connected to the King County Veterans Program (KCVP).  However, the value and fluctuating nature of the content itself alongside the lack of efficiency in information distribution demanded a more sophisticated approach. As a result, I moved the product over from MS Publisher to WIX.  This allowed for quick, daily updates and ease of access across multiple platforms while also extending the website reach.  The result is a concentrated assemblage of critical job and training related information available to anyone at anytime. 

Who owns & runs the website?

Although TFW began as a project run under KCVP, its conception, design, maintenance, social media connectivity, advertisement efforts and Google Analytics are all handled by the Writer.  As the scope of this work has expanded tremendously, it is no longer connected to KCVP and is fully under the Writer's command.  

Can I submit my flyer for posting?

So long as your event is related to either employment or training, yes! Especially if it is Veteran-centric. The preferred format is PDF.  I will link the flyer image to a website if available, otherwise the PDF itself will be the destination. 

Is there a charge associated with advertising a flyer?

No.  The idea behind TFW is to share information.  At this level, in this work, silos are detrimental to the overall process and serve only the hoarders of knowledge.  

I've seen this website change forms multiple times - is this the final version?

Most likely.  I've changed formats based upon my needs and time available.  The current version is the most efficient in terms of maintenance.  Although I am considering additional content, this is dependent on certain factors not yet in place. 

Is this website sponsored?

No.  The Writer bears the hosting, domain and maintenance costs at the moment.  Sometime during the first quarter of 2020 sponsorship will be sought. 

How can I contact you?

In reference to this work, the best way to reach me is through LinkedIn.  I am an avid user and check it on a daily basis.  A link to my profile can be found in the header. 

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